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A great new day is up and running

So eyes are open, espresso count goes one, two, tree, shower – done. What next?

It is Friday, not a bad one, sun is already high up and shining. What to do, where to go, what to achieve? So much to do and so little time.

Maybe do a bit of yoga? Yeah why not. Boring but let’s say useful. While I still got the nerves anyway. And while another espresso brews, why the hell not. Might even put a tiny chunk of brown sugar in it. If it pleases you, you should always do it. No matter if it’s “right” or “wrong”. Who the fuck decides if not you.

It’s all damn choice after all

So yoga is done and survived, four sun salutations won’t hurt nobody. Now let’s get outside and get some more serotonin kicks.

iPod’s in the pocket, battery half-full and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot is on hold. Perfect. Who will be the bad guy, Ben or that Straker guy. Or even good old Weasel. Let’s do a grand walk and get deeper into the story.

Oh look, the ice cream fridge. Let’s do one. Coffee flavored of course.

Life is good

Later, dude.

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